Telephone Installs/Voice Cabling
CABLING:Station wiring, demark extensions, fax/modem wiring and jacks, backbone trunk cabling, pre-wiring for any phone system or vendor.
Telephone systems: Basic system installation, system relocations, lines and extensions.

VOIP: Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6 wiring, voice to patch panels, cabling and networks analysis for migration to VOIP Extras: Surge protection, backboards, grounding, paging, background music. 
We perform the entire range of telephone wiring and system needs utilizing our experience and resources for various systems including: Norstar, Meridian and Intertel

Wireless Connectivity, Equipment and Installations

Point-to-point wireless backbone,
infrared and radio Network acces points and Power-over-Ethernet
Yagi and Multidirectional antennas
Antenna cabling and lightning arrestors