Fiber Optics

Fiber installations: Multimode, Singlemode, ST, SC, LC, FC, MTRJ Optical Certification: Using Fluke, Datacomm Technologies, Omni and Noyes equipment for testing, certifying and providing printed (or E-mailed) test results for each strand OTDR testing for breaks Custom made fiber optic cable assemblies, colors, lenght and types

Fiber Optic cabling provides the greatest information carrying capability of any medium. Fiber Optic works best between buildings and is your gigabit backbone for now and for the future. It is faster and more reliable than copper or wireless.


As a data transmission medium, optical fiber has a number of advantages over copper cabling. Higher bandwidth, higher speeds, longer length limitations, security, stability, little or no maintenance costs, and now the installation costs are going down.
Nobody has made a mistake putting in fiber.